10 Lines on Cleanliness in English

10 Lines on Cleanliness: Cleanliness does not only mean physical cleanliness but also at the human and environmental level. Cleanliness education should be supported by all sections of the society, from children to adults. To promote cleanliness, social awareness should be increased in the society. Plans should be made for cleanliness in public places, schools, … Read more

10 Lines on Garden in English

10 Lines on Garden: Through garden we enjoy natural beauty and it gives peace to our soul. In the garden we can grow different types of flowers, fruits, and plants which provide us health benefits. Most people enjoy small gardens around their homes that give them the opportunity to see the beauty of new plants … Read more

10 Lines on Online Classes in English

10 Lines on Online Classes: In the modern era, with technological development, there have been many changes in the field of education as well. One of the important changes is the entry of online classes. 10 Lines on Online Classes 1. In these, students can give themselves more time to summarize or solve. 2. Students … Read more

10 Lines on Social Media in English

10 Lines on Social Media: Nowadays, social media has become an important tool in our society which has connected us with people all over the world. It is a good way to maintain mutual relations but at the same time we should be careful with its use. Through social media we can connect with our … Read more

10 Lines on Chicken in English

10 Lines on Chicken: Chicken is a delicious and nutritious muscle. It can be prepared in different forms, such as tandoori chicken, butter chicken, kadai chicken, and fried chicken etc. By consuming chicken we get a good amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It provides strength to the bones. Chicken can be prepared in many … Read more

10 Lines on Chair in English

10 Lines on Chair: “Chair” is a common word used in Hindi language. A chair is a simply filled seat that people can sit on comfortably. It is a common furniture used in home, office, school, and other places. Chairs have different shapes and designs and can be used according to different needs. There are … Read more

10 Lines on Orange Fruit in English

10 Lines on Orange Fruit : The scientific name of orange is Citrus sinensis and it is the most produced and consumed citrus fruit. Oranges come in different colors, such as orange, yellow and white. Due to its good taste, healing properties, and lots of different nutritional elements, people include it in their daily diet. … Read more

10 Lines on Coconut in English

10 Lines on Coconut: Coconut, scientifically known as ‘Cocos nucifera’, is closely linked to Indian cultural and economic life. It is also called ‘Narikel’, and is a versatile plant used for food, apparel, construction, medical and religious purposes. The coconut tree is 60-70 feet high and its fruit is called ‘coconut’ or ‘copra’. 10 Lines … Read more

10 Lines on Lemon in English

10 Lines on Lemon: Lemon is a fruit which is very beneficial for our physical health. It is a good source of Vitamin C which gives us many health benefits. The lemon tree is small and beautiful. Apart from being a good source of Vitamin C, lemon juice also contains many other nutritional elements. Regular … Read more

10 Lines on Flower in English

10 Lines on Flower: A “flower” is a plant part that is produced from flowering plants. Flowers are very beautiful and a symbol of natural beauty. Flowers are a symbol of our natural beauty and its importance is considered high in various cultures. The importance of flowers is amazing and special. Decorating them gives peace … Read more